tolliewilliams (tolliewilliams) wrote in lifeguarding,

Summer season kick-off

Hey all. It's been kinda quiet around here lately. If I remember right, that's pretty normal for this time of the year. But now the summer season (at least, here in the U.S.) has kicked off and I hope to be hearing from you soon.

I'm wondering how many of you had rescues on your first day this season? And how many of you had rescues on your first day ever lifeguarding? Those stories would be great.

I remember my first day lifeguarding ever I could have easily went in when some girls fell off their float, but instead I watched closely and they worked together to get themselves back on. I remember doing that a lot over the years, and in retrospect I kinda wish I had went in more often than I did. But I chose to be less exciting and not to embarrass people, as long as they didn't have "the look."

I'm not lifeguarding anywhere at the moment, but I'm about to apply at the local YMCA and rumor is they're hiring. I'm now Red Cross as well as an ex-Ellis guard. I still think the Ellis system is better, and I'll try to stir up some controversy about that later.

So now your turn - let's hear your stories. And don't forget you can also ask questions here, talk about lifeguarding theory, or post your announcements. Have a great summer!
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