Megan (psychoticorca) wrote in lifeguarding,

an eventful summer so far...

I'm pretty much loving my job as Assistant Manager of one of five city pools here in Spokane. Had a looong first week (46+ hours!), but I don't mind practically living at my pool...

So we haven't even been open two weeks yet and we've already had 5 saves. Granted, most of them were reach assists, but they are saves nonetheless!

Our poor boiler was barely functioning when we first opened, and our water was a horrible 74 degrees. We finally got it fixed and only had to cancel one swim lesson day. The repairmen showed me the inside of the boiler, and it had burned through the interior. I think they did some sort of patch up job, and I'm sure it won't be long until it explodes or something.

Meanwhile, there's an apparent shortage of cyanuric acid (we just got a bag a few days ago) so we've been sucking our chlorine barrels dry and having a terrible time keeping our free chlorine up. I don't know when we're going to get more. Word has it that it's on the slow boat from China...

I got my CPO certification this spring and I love working on the chemistry side of pool operations. There's nothing quite like walking towards the pump room... respirator in hand... ;)

Anyway, hope everyone's summer seasons have gotten off to a good start.
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