Peppermint Patti (pattik1) wrote in lifeguarding,
Peppermint Patti

NREMT-B interested in Life Guarding..


Just found this group.

I'm an NREMT-B in Minnesota.

Have you seen this footage. An awesome
salt water save. Graphic but brings tears
of joy when he wakes up. This swimmer
recovered fully. It was an M.I.
Bondi Lifeguards save a man. Actual footage.

Any work EMS too?

I write stories and run a website where paramedics
and firefighters working in the field write new episodes of
Emergency along with fans of the series. I'm a host there.

If you'd like to read some of these, go here.

Kinda nice finding a community devoted to the field.
I hope to meet more of you real soon.

Emergency Theater Live
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