Rainbowofblood (rainbowofblood) wrote in lifeguarding,

Back on the job

This is my third summer working at the local pool. It's small, old, and in desperate need of repair. As a lifeguard it is my duty to PREVENT any injuries that could happen. I see this as being a top priority and not only in the pool but also on the pool deck and equipment. The deck is cracked, has been ever since I've been working there, and I'm talking jagged cracks where our most common injury last year was kids scrapping their feet on them. One of our guards sliced his foot open on one of the cracks when he got off stand too fast last year. Also, we've started having rusty pieces of metal falling off the bottom of the slide, some as big as one inch by one inch. Also, the buoys on the rope, most of them are cracked and broken, we've found pieces of them floating in the pool that could be harmful if a three year old got hold of them. There are some other things that need fixed too, but not as bad as these. I've told the manager about these problems and have even written it down every time someone's had an injury due to these things, but nothing has been done yet. Most of the reasons that I've been given is because we're a public pool run by the city, and the city doesn't have enough money in the budget to repair the pool. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could maybe get these problems fixed?

But besides that, work is wonderful, it's always funny to see what games the kids will make up, and great to see new friendships formed.
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