TimePrincess (timeprincess) wrote in lifeguarding,

Waiting over two months for a job, what's going on?! Rant Warning

last April i applied for a job at a swimming pool as a swim teacher. i took the four week course that they required, have all of my needed certificates. the interview was May 11th i started the training on April 10th. now over a month after my interview i have only heard from my soon to be boss twice. the first time he called and asked for another reference because he could not get ahold of one. so i gave him another. then last week i called him asking if there was anything new about this job. he said that he is to busy to call people 15 times about my info. the thing is. ALL but one of my references are SUPER easy to contact. ii gave both work and home numbers and good times to call them just like it said on the application form. and the one lady who is hard to get ahold of, i called her and asked her to call the pool on my behalf to give a reference and she said that she did. since i will be working for a public school i have to go through a background check, well earlier this week my brother started swim lessons there and on the first day i went with him hoping to see my futcher boss and talk to him. i saw another manager that i kinda know and she said that the background check office that was asking about me and she asked if anyone has called me yet, um, No. the lady asked for my info and she said she will be taking over my application form now on. but i'm still miffed after i talked to her and went out on deck it was a break in between the lessons and i talked to a friend of mine and she said over the past month they have hired ALOT of people and now they are fine on staff and no real need for new hires. what should i do, wait for the other lady to take care of stuff for me OR go to another pool?
i really want to stay at this pool because it is the pool of my childhood and i have ALWAYS wanted to be working there and i already know almost everyone. I'm riped in two, i need a job to help pay for dance this fall but i want to work at a place i already know real well.

P.S. right now i am taking a lifeguarding class. (something not needed for the job)

yesterday the pool called me and sent me into HR for my background check. now i have to wait until Monday for the actual check.
the reason it took so long was that my one reference had been called and she cept saying she would call them back because she was busy, it took me asking her whats going on for her to send in a reference. not using her again.
I've talked to other pools and they are all filled up on jobs until September and that's when i will start up dance again so i need some money before then. at this pool since i took training back in April and i know everyone the manager said i WILL have a job there.
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