TimePrincess (timeprincess) wrote in lifeguarding,

i just sent a new friend the the hospital, i feel so guilty

i know i posted here yesterday but this happed about a hour ago and i don't really know what to do.
right now i am taking life guarding classes and today we were working on how to take care of a person the has had a back injury or a concussion. when a friend and i were pulling another student out of the water on the backboard just as we were pulling her on deck we accidentally dropped the backboard about 6 inches of onto the concrete pool deck. she started having neck pains and dizziness so we called 911. EMS came and took her to the hospital. according to the instructor she might have a broken neck and/or a concussion. i feel SO terrible. i sent a new friend to the hospital, during a life guarding class, right after we had been learning how to take care of a spinal injuries! five minutes before during a break we were dunking each other and talking like old friends. i feel like i ruined the whole class too, the class was going to be done by tomorrow night and we were so excited that we would not have to be there Saturday, turns out we are because we did not want our friend to miss out on anything and fail the course.
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