tolliewilliams (tolliewilliams) wrote in lifeguarding,

working again

Just a quick "oh, I just remembered to post this."

I'm working as a lifeguard again after a couple of summers off. I still find it a very rewarding job. There's a lot of things different for me this time: mainly, instead of Ellis, it's Red Cross; and instead of a small (medium?) water park, it's a large pair of community pools, with a slide and kiddie pool.

Unique is that the pools just opened after two years of slow/delayed construction. I had my first rescue on the second day - a child came off the slide with just one floaty on - nothing amazing.

I'll have more stories to share later, I'm sure, but I really would like to hear yours! Oh, and tell your lifeguarding friends about this community! My hope is that everyone will share their lifeguarding stories here so others can comment and chat about them.

- tollie
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