Talia (insane_bassist) wrote in lifeguarding,

I hate these personalities, and I've seen a few of each already:

I'm two days into my first lifeguarding job. Overall it's fun; I like being in the position that I could save a life, even if it hasn't happened yet, and might not even happen at all. I don't like the idea of scraping fecal matter off the bottom of the pool, sticking in a little robot, and shutting it down for eight hours, but luckily that hasn't happened yet either.

The Complainer: Today some lady came in and complained about how stuffy it was. Then she came up to me and asked to borrow a pair of goggles, adding that she never wore goggles, except that our chlorine level was unbearable. This is ironic because we're strict on checking the chlorine every hour, and we keep it relatively low. Not that it's good for you to swim without goggles anyways... I don't understand why you wouldn't.

The Rebel: I don't understand why kids think it's cool to break rules over and over again, like they really want to hear the whistle or something. It's not. Please remind me to raise my kids not to be like this if I ever have them.
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