Talia (insane_bassist) wrote in lifeguarding,

Conditional surf test?

I'm trying to land a surf test before this summer so I can have some money to go to college with. I got my pool certification last year, too late to take a surf test for this year. In researching surf tests, it looks like the only normal, five-day one is in like... August, which is way too late, and it's for 2009. There's something called conditional surf test and nowhere anywhere can I find what that actually means. It's a week from Friday and I want to do it if it means I can get jobs for the summer. But if it's only a day, do they actually teach you everything? Like my old instructor said for the surf test they teach you everything there, and then you're tested on it. Also there's no swimming requirement apparently, which sucks because that's what I'll excel at. I don't know. What does the conditional surf test do?

I live in Rhode Island if it helps... I don't know if it's the same for every state or what.
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