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LJ: Lifeguarding Community

Lifeguard Chat

Lifeguarding : Lifeguards Chat
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All Members , Moderated
A community for lifeguards to meet, chat, and share their experiences.

If you work at the beach, a small community pool, or a large national waterpark, you're welcome here. If you average one save a day or have never even blown your whistle, you're welcome here.

Come join, and chat.

A few rules on posts and comments:
  • Avoid sexual comments that harass or degrade people.
  • Avoid strong or excessive profanity
  • Avoid being hateful and overly rude.
  • Summary rule: Treat others as if they were yourself. If you have difficulty respecting yourself or finding your own self-worth, please feel free to chat with me about that.

Here is a quick reminder announcement that includes links to our two polls. If you've joined the community, please check them out.